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Q. Which items do not require LC but require LCAF to import from abroad?


The following items do not require LC but require LCAF to import from abroad:

*Quickly perishable food items worth US dollar Fifty Thousand via Teknaf Customs Station, essential food items worth US Dollar Ten Thousand via other land custom stations (each consignment);

*Raw materials used in industry and capital machinery to be imported by industrial importer irrespective of price limit;

*Import of books, journals, magazines and periodicals on sight draft or usance bill basis;

*Import of any permissible item for an amount not exceeding US Dollar 2.0 lac during each year by commercial importer; but in case of Myanmar---

(1) Import of rice , pulse, maize, beans, ginger, garlic, soyabin oil, palm oil, onion and fish items valued not exceeding 50,000/- (fifty thousand ) US dollar in a single consignment and other items valued 30,000/-(thirty thousand) US dollar and

(2) Import of rice under Public Sector valued up to US dollar two million in a single consignment shall be importable without L/C and in this case above mentioned annual ceiling of USD 2.0 lac shall not be applicable.

*Import under commodity aid, grant or such other loan for which there are specific procurement procedures for import of goods without opening any L/C: and

*Import of “international chemical references” through Bank drafts by recognised pharmaceutical industry on the approval of Director, Drugs Administration for the purpose of quality control of their products.

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Para 8(3) of Import Policy Order,  2015-18  
Para 8(4), Import Policy Order 2015-2018

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